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Cozmo Celebrates ‘French Week’ in Collaboration with the French Embassy

Amman, Jordan – 10-16 June 2012
Cozmo, a premium Jordanian supermarket that takes customers beyond the everyday shopping experience, is hosting a ‘French Week’ at its flagship 7th circle location from June 10th to June 16th. As part of an array of special events organized by Cozmo, culture weeks spotlight countries from around the world, transforming the shopping experience into an exciting cross-cultural exchange and highlight Cozmo’s commitment to diversity through its selection of quality international products.

Imad Bukhari, CEO of Cozmo’s parent company, THE Group, welcomed French Ambassador Corinne Breuzé as an honored guest at the event’s opening ceremony. French Week was scheduled in mid-June to build excitement for one of France’s most monumental holidays, Bastille Day. The holiday - marking a pivotal moment in the development of the modern French state - is celebrated annually on July 14th.

Cozmo customers joined Mr. Bukhari and Ambassador Breuzé to view the breadth of French products placed on prominent display and sample fresh baked goods, prepared exclusively by a guest chef. As part of the event, Cozmo customers can take advantage of special discounts on French products, while holders of THE Card (THE Group’s official loyalty card) will receive exclusive incentives to shop at Cozmo during the week.

“At Cozmo, we go the extra mile to distinguish ourselves in the Jordanian retail landscape,” commented Bukhari. “Cozmo continuously endeavors to form long-term, sustainable, and mutually beneficial partnerships with numerous institutions throughout Jordan. The concept behind the French Week, in partnership with the French Embassy, provides us with an excellent platform to enrich the shopping experience for our customers, while strengthening our brand name in the Jordanian market. These partnerships are all part of our vision to create a unique shopping experience, and we look forward to organizing similar such events in the near future”.

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with Cozmo, a leading Jordanian business,” added Ambassador Breuzé. “Coming in advance of one of France’s most cherished holidays, Bastille Day, we view French Week at Cozmo as the ideal opportunity to communicate French culture in a dynamic setting. It has been very fulfilling for us to build this relationship with Cozmo, and highly appreciate their interest in cultural diversity.”

French Week is an extension of a wider initiative by Cozmo to highlight unique dishes and flavours from different countries around the globe, with a British Week held the month prior. Ensuring an unparalleled shopping experience, Cozmo offers its customers an array of French foods, beverages, and beauty products. These include world-renowned brands such as Lactalis, Fromi, Loste, France Gastronmie, Bongrain, President, Valbreso, Kiri and La Vache Qui Rit, Elle & Vire, Perrier, Evian, Regilait, and L’Oreal.